Treadmill Reviews 2017- Comparison And Buying Guide

Best Treadmills of 2017

Best Home Treadmills of 2017

  • NordicTrack Treadmills.
  • Sole Treadmills.
  • Cybex Treadmills.
  • Woodway Treadmills.
  • Precor Treadmills.
  • Life Fitness Treadmills.
  • Proform Treadmills.
  • Nautilus Treadmills.
  • Landice Treadmills.
  • Lifespan Treadmills.

If the summer is not long and the training does not fail, then the treadmill represents a good alternative. However, the treadmill must not only be used during the cold winter months, as this hometrainer is also becoming more and more popular during the summer months.

The treadmill is available in different designs so that the model can be adapted to the individual requirements. The treadmill made in Fitness -Centern a name, but in recent years, this exercise also attracts more and more frequently in households one.

It is so simple – no extra time to get on your way to the fitness center. It only has to be placed on the treadmill and it can start with the fight against annoying kilos. It is no longer the case that treadmills are mechanically operated, since in recent years the technology has not stopped even before this hometrainer.

However, the more technical highlights the treadmill has to offer, the deeper the money bag has to be. Therefore it is important to decide in advance which requirements the treadmill should actually fulfill and which can be dispensed with. If you want to buy a treadmill, you should take some tips and tricks to heart.

Only those who find the right treadmill for themselves will ultimately have their true joy of running in their own four walls and will notice success in themselves. In order for everyone to find the right treadmill for themselves, comparison results are a good alternative.

This is because consumers are not only given the values ​​and data that can not be started in most cases. In addition, the Hometrainer is thoroughly tested for the extensive treadmill tests. In this way, the strengths and weaknesses can be found most quickly and passed directly

Treadmill Bestsellers 2017

How does a treadmill work?

The fundamental difference between treadmills is whether they are operated mechanically or electrically by means of a motor. Depending on this mode of operation, the process is also designed to run. In particular, the nature of the movement is an important aspect.

In order for the treadmill to be started without a motor, it requires muscle power . Running on the treadmill, the underlay is set in motion. The faster you run, the faster the ground will be. This means that in the case of a mechanical tread, the rotor itself determines the tempo.

In addition, the treadmill must be kept in motion with persistent muscular strength . However, the circumstance of a mechanical tread is such that, especially at the beginning, an increased use of the body has to be performed. When the band has set in motion, this will be much less muscular than initially.

In the case of a treadmill without a motor, not only the condition can be trained, but also the force in the legs can be advanced. However, free running is not possible with a mechanical treadmill. In this case, it must be held on the holder provided for this purpose during running.

This is the only way to transfer the power applied directly to the treadmill and keep the ground moving. It must also be taken into consideration that the tempo must be determined by a mechanical treadmill itself. This can be varied by means of the force of the running steps. If the treadmill isoperated without power , there is also no step adjustment .

In order for the treadmill to move, the support should be included. In addition, the weight should be moved forward. The treadmill is then moved backwards with the feet. The treadmill is set in motion by the alternating movement. The handles should not be released during running, as the weight can no longer be displaced forward, which means that the required pressure which sets the treadmill in motion can no longer be exercised.

What types of treadmills are there?

Treadmills can be very different in their designs. First of all it has to be noted, that these Hometrainer are operated either mechanically or electrically . In the case of the electric variant, a motor adopts the basic functions, whereby the treadmill does not have to be set in motion by its own muscular force.

The electric treadmill is driven by means of a motor , the maximum speed usually being about 20 km / h. In the case of the electric models, the treadmill can be adjusted to different angles of inclination, and the levels of identity can be adjusted by means of a controller.

In the case of the mechanical treadmills, the own muscular force that keeps the band running is important. The intensity and the tempo are therefore not electrically controlled, but are only generated with the help of muscle power. In addition, the inclination angle can not be changed in the case of the mechanical treadmill.

In principle, the decision for and against the other model can have very different motivations.

The ecological aspect

The ecological aspect will be an important decision even when purchasing a treadmill. The treadmill, which is operated by a motor, still costs money after the purchase. As electricity has become more and more expensive in recent years, more and more indoor runners are reverting to the mechanical variant.

The question of costs

The electric treadmill is far more expensive than the mechanical model. If you are looking at both models, you will see at a glance why there is this massive price difference. While the mechanical model is very simple, the electric model has numerous extras and features that can be used.

In addition, the electric tread not only has more parts, but these are also made of quality materials and of high quality. Mechanical treadmills can already be purchased at a price of around € 150, while the price of electrical treadmills is around $ 470.

The training programs

The mechanical treadmill has far less training possibilities than electrical models. If the treadmill is rarely used, this circumstance will not be decisive for the purchase decision. However, if you want to use the treadmill frequently and want to build up your fitness, you also want to increase the intensity due to different training programs.

With the help of an electric treadmill, the training can not only be varied; in addition, this can also be made more effective.

Other running

The treadmill is very different for mechanical and electrical treadmills. In order for the mechanical treadmill to be put into motion and held, the muscular strength of the athlete is required. For this reason, the mechanical model is far more powerful than electrical treadmills, especially in the initial phase.

Which features are important in treadmills?

Treadmills have the great advantage that even in bad weather conditions, physical activity need not be dispensed with. There is a wide range of models and manufacturers, and important functions should always be kept in mind when purchasing a treadmill.

The treadmill should offer different functions. Thus, not only the tempo and the intensity can beincreased, which in the long term lead to an increase in the condition, but also the inclination angle can be adapted to the different requirements.

Above all, the interval programs , in which the speed during running vary again and again and also the inclination angle can change, show high efficiency. The more expensive the model, the more additional functions are included in the scope. Here, however, it should be considered beforehand whether all the extras on the treadmill are used, or whether a smaller assortment can lead to success.

The gradual regulation also plays an important role. Depending on the price of the device, the intensity level can be regulated. In the case of more expensive devices, the speed can be regulated at a speed of 0.1 km / h. Cheaper devices usually offer only the possibility of a gradual regulation, whereby the exact speed can not be changed.

The regulation can be used to adjust the running rhythm to your own needs. It is not always purposeful to run at the highest speed. This is where the pulse plays a vital role. If the pulse rises too high, not only a very red head is the result, but other physical symptoms can also occur.

With the step-by-step regulation, it becomes possible to achieve the desired success even at low speeds, for example 4 km / h. After all, at low speeds, the angle of inclination can be raised, so that the muscles get a lot to do.

The inclination angle can be set as the speed stepwise. First of all, a low angle of inclination should be decided so that the conditions of the treadmill can be used. Depending on the model, these settings can be between 10 and 50 steps .

Again, the more expensive models can be used to regulate the inclination angle fairly accurately, while more favorable models usually only have a step-like regulation.

Most treadmills for domestic use offer the top speed of about 12 km / h . In the fitness center, on the other hand, there are mostly models that are up to 20 km / h . Expensive devices have the great advantage that they are already offered up to 16 km / h . For beginners the range of 12 km / h is quite sufficient.

Which treadmill fits for me?Considerations before purchase

Anyone who wants to buy a treadmill should not take this decision into the blue. The treadmill should lead to the desired success and is used extensively only if it can meet all requirements. The price also plays an important role. It is not always necessary to choose the most expensive model, since even the most favorable treadmills can cover their own needs .

The motor

The performance of the engine plays a central aspect in the case of consideration before the purchase. The better and stronger the engine, the better the performance increase and a constant running performance can be granted. New in this field is the so-called digital drive engine .

With this new technology, not only a constant but also a quiet run is guaranteed. However, this engine is also a price issue . If you are satisfied with a slightly louder device, you do not have to resort to this costly variant.

The tread

The size of the tread plays a vital role in ensuring the safety of the run while walking . Care should be taken before buying that the treadmill is adapted to your own step size. In order to improve the running feeling, the damping must not be neglected.

Thus existing joint problems can be alleviated and new problems in the joints can be countered by the damping. In most cases, today’s treadmills are already very well cushioned and even cheap models do not have much to do with the expensive treadmills.

The inclination

If you do not want to interrupt running when changing the angle of inclination, you should opt for a model that can adjust the inclination electrically . This is usually the case with electric treadmills. However, this is different for mechanical treadmills.

In the case of the mechanical models, the inclination angle can generally be adjusted, but a pause must be inserted if the inclination is to be changed. In the case of electrical equipment, attention should be paid to the degree of inclination.

The training programs

When selecting the treadmill, training programs play a not insignificant role. As a rule, mechanical tapes do not have this possibility. Intermittent programs can usually be selected for electric treadmills . Depending on the equipment and the price of the treadmill, you will be able to see quite a variety of possibilities, which will be fun to run.

With the aid of the different training programs, success can be shown more quickly and the runner can keep an eye on his development. Some devices also offer the possibility to create training programs according to their own needs. This additional function is an important aspect, especially for professionals.

The pulse control

Electrical devices also usually have a pulse control. In this way, an adapted training can be achieved. The pulse control adjusts the speed and the tilt to the respective pulse , ignoring fat burning and stamina. The inclination and the speed are regulated only by the heart rate.

Other criteria

If you do not want too much space in your own four walls, but you do not want to do without the treadmill, you have the possibility to buy a foldable model . Similarly, the volume that may be associated with the use of a treadmill may be a contributing criterion. Especially during sporting activities should be relaxed and there unpleasant side noise can be felt as annoying.

Apart from all these criteria, however, the price will also play a decisive role. Anyone who is constantly using the treadmill should rely on quality and numerous functions. Hobby runners, who will only occasionally use this home trainer, can definitely rely on a multi-faceted device. Only on the basis of the price can not be a good treadmill however. Even cheap models can show their performance and their successes.

Treadmill costs? How much does a treadmill cost?

Treadmills are available in numerous designs. In recent years, the market has been booming for this form of home-runner. More and more people rely on their health and do not want to give up running even in bad weather. It is no wonder that there is virtually no limit to prices.

The price of the treadmills depends on many factors . First of all, it can be noted that mechanical treads differ from electrical models. While mechanical models can already be bought for prices around 150 euros, the price plate for the medium-sized electric models starts just at 400 euros.

Mechanical treadmills, which have a better quality and workmanship, then cost about 200 euros. However, there are also cheap electric treadmills , which are already on the market with prices starting at 300 euros. With high-quality models can be deeply caught in the bag, because here can be expected with prices over 1000 euros.

To the top there is hardly a limit for the electric models, because here are quite models, which go up to 7000 euros over the loading table. It should be noted, however, that these high-priced prices are models that are actually intended for sports studios and which do not have to be purchased by hobby runners for domestic use.

The more expensive the treadmill, the better the quality and the more additional functions are possible. However, there are also low-cost suppliers who bring their models to the market at quite reasonable prices. If you do not have to have a model at your own pace, you will also be delighted by the favorable variations.

Nevertheless, when buying a treadmill you should pay attention not only to the price. When buying a treadmill, the rule is that it should not be saved in the wrong place. After all, the processing is an important aspect for health. And if there are a lot of intermittent programs in addition, the successes can become more noticeable.

If you want to save on the price, you still have the possibility to buy the treadmill on the Internet. Here you will find high-quality models, which can often be bought at a lower price than at the store. Likewise should be considered for actions, because also in the case of treadmills, there is something like a closing sale.

Especially in the cold months, treadmills can be quite a bit more expensive than in summer. If you decide to use a treadmill, you should keep your eyes open for special offers , which does not imply that quality has been compromised.

The Top 5 treadmill brands


Where can I buy my treadmill?

If you want to buy a treadmill, you can choose from a wide range of retailers, as the Internet is available as an option.

The specialist trade

When buying a treadmill in the retail trade, personal advice can be viewed as an advantage. In addition, the treadmill can be tried on site in most cases. In this way, you can test whether the corresponding treadmill meets your own requirements . In addition to the step width, the attenuation can also be taken under the magnifying glass.

However, treadmills are usually bulky and big, which is why the transport can become a problem . In addition, care must be taken that the treadmill must be transported not only to the car but also to the own home. A person is not sufficient for this transport in most cases.

Therefore, for the purchase of a treadmill in specialized trade, not only a larger car has to be rented for transport. In addition, an additional person must be organized to assist in carrying the treadmill.

A direct comparison of different treadmills is also possible in a specialist trade.

The Internet

The purchase on the Internet is clearly simple . All you need is a PC or laptop, and with just a few clicks, all models are available from different manufacturers. Since the treadmills in order directly delivered free will arises when buying on the Internet is not the question of how the sports equipment is transported.

It is therefore not necessary to buy a car or buy a new person to help with the purchase on the World Wide Web. For some providers on the Internet, the shipping is free of charge at a certain price, so no additional costs have to be considered.

In addition, no mistakes are made on the Internet because the seller tends to a certain model. Often, salespeople also receive commissions, which, however, are only calculated for certain treadmills or from certain price limits, which is why the recommendations are only of limited use.

Numerous models from different manufacturers can be compared in peace with one another. In addition, there is usually much more choice on the Internet . While only the most common models can be found in the specialist trade, a wide range of treadmills is offered on the net.

Anyone who is concerned about the review can rely on Stiftung Warentest , because the treadmills, which are available on the Internet, are mostly taken by the institute under the magnifying glass. In addition, product reports can also be viewed and read on the Internet .

Here, the experiences and the assessments of independent customers as well as of test teams can be researched. Apart from all these aspects, the price on the Internet also plays a decisive role. Many models can be purchased at much lower prices in the World Wide Web than in retail stores.

The reason for this is obvious. While a large number of additional fixed costs are incurred by specialist retailers, a large part of them can be saved during the sale in the network, whereby the savings are passed on directly to the customer.

The history of the treadmill

Documents testify that there were the first running bikes already in 1875 , which were not used by humans, but by animals. These treadmills provided for a movement of the animals in the production of butter and the driving of water pumps or gear trains . It was only with the beginning of the 1950s that twentieth century treadmills were developed for people who were not used as a sporty device, but rather to transport materials and products in the factories.

First treadmills specifically for human use

The first treadmill, on which a man moved, was used as a stress test for doctors who wanted to take a picture of possible heart problems. Later, people in the business use these treadmills for exercise in sports clubs or at home. Only then did the treadmill come into being as a sports device.

As a futuristic symbol, the treadmill has also been parodied in science fiction pop culture . Use it to ease an unpleasant walk from point A to B. For example, Eg on airports, treadmills are used for human transport on the long routes.

Actually, as a means of transport of different goods, the treadmill is today used as a sports device for improving the condition, strengthening the cardiovascular system and for losing weight . Man has less and less opportunities to carry out a run in the open, so that the treadmills enter the fitness studios and the domestic sports area.

The modern treadmills as sports equipment

After the long, intricate path of the treadmills, they can not be imagined today in the fitness area. Equipped with all kinds of technical features, the treadmills monitor the pulse, provide training programs and simulate natural events such as mountains and valleys. There are also treadmills with an integrated MP3 player , which can be used to listen to music via headphones during the run. In the meantime, treadmills with integrated fans are offered, which cool the athlete during the exercise.

All in all, the treadmills of today are equipped with modern technical features, which allow the user to make the workout as comfortable as possible. Nevertheless, the workout on the treadmill should be effective and with special designs even hingeless and helpful.

Steering platforms, orthopedic belts, different speeds and much more support the user with the different sporting requirements . Thanks to the adjustable speeds and gradients, the use of the treadmill can be adapted to the differentiated requirements and thus become a challenge. Storing the data allows the user to adjust or even increase his / her performance at any time.

The treadmill future

Thanks to the technical know-how , the limits for treadmills are open to the top. They are becoming more and more interesting and equipped with countless new features, so that simulations of wading through water will also be possible. This is particularly interesting with regard to therapeutic use or for users with joint problems. Likewise it would be possible to use the treadmills vertically and to climb walls with them. This would be a good exercise for mountaineers and hikers at high altitude.

In contrast to the past, the treadmills have undergone enormous changes and will continue to change in the future. How up-to-date they are is always associated with the fashion phenomenon of fitness, which is experiencing a boom in this day and age.

Care and cleaning

As more and more treadmills are found in the local environment, they should be cleaned and cleanedaccordingly. For this you need a dust cloth and a vacuum cleaner. If you have thought about where the treadmill in your home should get a fixed location, then you should choose a place where not so much dust is whirled up.

In addition, the sports equipment should not be placed where it can come into contact with animal hair. The hairs always find their way into the mechanics or electrics of the treadmill and thus ensure a faster wear of the parts.

To avoid contamination of the tread , it should be regularly wiped with a damp cloth and vacuumed. At least once a week, you should also push the sports equipment to the side to remove the dust. The engine of the treadmill is not protected against overheating. Therefore, remove the engine cover at least three to four times a year and vacuum the engine compartment. If you clean the treadmill with a clean cloth, please use detergent – clear water is sufficient. Cleaning agents could attack the lubrication and ensure faster wear on the parts.

To care the treadmills

The lubrication of the treadmill is a decisive factor which guarantees the perfect performance of the sports equipment . If you regularly use the device to travel on it, the treadmill is heavily used. A good lubrication ensures perfect running. To check this, a handle under the edge of the belt is sufficient. If you only feel dry there, then it is high time for lubrication , you can reach this with silicone spray on the tread , because this is the most important part of this sport equipment. If the running belt is not sufficiently lubricated, wear and tear of the tread will inevitably occur.

Maintenance work on the treadmill includes the tightening of loosened bolts and nuts , retensioning of the treadmill on the special set screws when it is suspended, and a check of all the gel parts with possible lubrication. Many modern-day treadmills have a service display that simplifies maintenance. In any case, please consult the treadmill manual for cleaning, maintenance and maintenance, and disconnect the power cord every time you work on the machine.

Useful accessories for the treadmill

The pulse belt

The modern technology makes it possible for the training units to be aligned according to their own pulse. This is not just for professionals, because with the heart rate-controlled training you have constantly monitored your training. This requires a pulse belt as an accessory, which optimizes the training . By means of this pulse belt, the body data are transmitted to the fitness machine, in this case the treadmill.

This allows the speed and gradients of the device to be adjusted ideally and individually . When buying a pulse belt as an optimal accessory, however, make sure that this device is uncoded. There are therefore no problems with the communication with the different treadmills. Effective cardio-vascular training, as well as measurable units during the fitness exercises are thus guaranteed. Most models of fitness machines incorporate a pulse receiver that is compatible with all pulse belts.

Features of the pulse belts as accessories

  • the heart rate can be measured ECG accurately
  • the data transmission should be uncoded so that the belt is compatible with all fitness machines
  • virtually all pulse belts are compatible if the device has a pulse receiver has
  • the pulse is transmitted in a measurable manner .

The floor mat

To protect your floor from wear, place the treadmill on a floor mat. This floor mat prevents scratches, wear, pressure points and the like. The dust flooring under the fitness equipment is also reduced by the floor mat . If you use your training device in a rented apartment, neighbors might be disturbed by the training noise. With the hard-wearing, extra-thick floor mat, the training noises of the treadmill are reduced to a minimum.

Features of floor mats as an accessory

  • Mats in differentiated sizes for ergometers, treadmills, bikes, crosstrainer and side stepper
  • Material: durable rubber
  • easy to clean
  • Bodenmatten- different strengths
  • in differentiated colors .

Sprays for the cleaning and care of the treadmill


Advantages of sprays and cleaners

  • optimized for the cleaning and care of all fitness machines
  • lubricates the barrel of the treadmill and thus provides for improved properties
  • extends the life of the devices
  • acts against static electricity and protects against water, dust and dirt.

Passport USB Flash Drives

These USB sticks only work together with the Passport set-up box of Vision and Horizon Fitness products. With these USB sticks, you can bring variety into your fitness program, because you can go through 6 different scenic areas. Interesting is the Passport USB-Stick not only because of the scenic outlook, but rather, because depending on the slope the resistance and the running speed are automatically adjusted .

This will increase your fitness program slowly and with great fun . For this, you only have to insert the USB stick into the Passport Media Box.

If you connect the set-up box to a PC, laptop or the TV, you will be able to enjoy a variety of fitness training in Full HD. The simulation of the running environment is thus perfected when you walk through Los Angeles, Utah, Chicago, the Swiss Alps and the like.

Features of the USB stick as an accessory

  • only compatible with the Passport devices of brands Vision and Horizon Fitness
  • HD quality with interactive running training
  • automatically adjusts the resistance and the slope when running to the slopes in the video
  • interesting regions of the world improve cardio training
  • the speed at playing the video is adapted to the trainer
  • Connection possibilities to the PC, laptop or TV
  • Control via the included remote control
  • between treadmill and media player, the connection is wireless
  • Regions in Full HD : Swiss Alps, Chicago, Los Angeles, Utah, California and Northwest Pacific.

Alternatives to the treadmill

As an alternative to the different treadmills, there are countless exercises which can achieve nearly the same effects and results without a treadmill.

  1. The Kettlebell Training – Kettlebell swings bring your heart on the go – for this you have to pull and push upwards, ie clean and presses or tearing – this is also possible with dumbbells.
  2. Jumping rope – ideal exercise for the head-body connection – jump with high speed crossed or with double turns – the metabolism is boosted.
  3. Short sprints Outdoor – trains the body optimally – ideally 2 to 3 times a week with distances of 40 to 100 meters – between you should take breaks between the sprints from 40 to 60 seconds.
  4. Rowing machines – whole-body workout with resistance – training with differentiated speeds and intensive pulling.
  5. Bergsprints – classical exercises for weight loss and for a well-trained body – B. 25 meter sprint on a steep slope – super workout when this exercise is repeated for about 20 to 30 minutes with breaks.
  6. Sprint swimming – enormous demand of the muscles – upper body shaping – high intensity required, then it is with sprints vs.. Jogging comparable.
  7. Sandsackreten or -boxen – significantly more intense and not as dull as Kardiogeräte – intensive body-head connection as opposed to exercises on Crosstrainer or treadmill.
  8. Shadowboxes – if you’re too shy, do this exercise at home.
  9. Body weight training – Lie support, loss steps, knee bends, jumps, running on all fours, supporting on elbows and keeping your toes always tight in position – is a further ideal body-head connection with metabolic enhancement – effectively strengthens and strengthens the whole body ,
  10. Dumbbell lunges, overhead presses with dumbbells, bent over rows with alternating steps on one leg. For example: dumbbell lunges (dumbbells with dumbbells), overhead presses (overhead press) with dumbbells, bent over rows with alternating steps on one leg.
  11. Stepper including step ups (dumbbell movement) as well as squat presses (knee bends with dumbbells) – in any case only a few seconds break between the individual exercises.

The Heimtrainer treadmill is a good alternative to the gym in the studios. On the one hand, you can train at any time of the day or at night with snow, smoothness as well as rain, and on the other hand, with the sports equipment at home you have the possibility to choose it individually according to your needs.

This allows you to program your training results and improve as well as you can with new programs. Likewise, they can already warm up at home with their treadmill before sporting events. With special interval training at home, you can individually set and document different parameters such as heart rate, tempo and the ratio of walking distance as well as time.

real alternative is the Crosstrainer , which is offered as a sports device for endurance training and fitness training in fitness studios and for domestic use. Thanks to its special design, the Crosstrainer offers a wide range of muscle groups compared to cycling, mainly with leg muscle training. The movement on the crosstrainer resembles walking thanks to the flywheel. Crosstrainer offer an ergonomic movement of the running with additional, natural arm movement as with the running on the treadmill or outdoors.

If, however, the calorie consumption is in the foreground of the exerciser, then the treadmill must be selected opposite the Crosstrainer. Crosstrainer are rather something for athletes, who want to expand the condition or strengthen muscles. In addition, the training on a treadmill is much more effective than on the Crosstrainer.

The choice of the optimum sports equipment is always a matter of taste for the home furnishing. One likes sporting activities without sports equipment, others love actively to be active in the outdoor area, and others are reaching the crosstrainer, a stepper or the treadmill. For some people , running on a treadmill promotes the mind and offers improved body awareness as well as challenge the body. Others, on the other hand, describe running on these treadmills as dull and stupid.

In any case, the sport should be fun for the coaches, which is the most important thing !

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